Thursday, March 14, 2013

General fine craft, art & design

I am thrilled to pass on that very soon I will be part of a new gallery opening up in Almonte, Ontario called General fine craft, art & design.

They will be opening on the weekend of April 13-14th. I will be making the trip there from Montreal this weekend to drop off my first batch of work, and am looking forward to checking out this little town, which I've heard lots of wonderful things about.

Their website is still in its early stages, but gives a good indication of the variety of artists and works that will be available. Check it out here.

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  1. Hi Don!
    Nice blog.
    I know Almonte which is a very nice little village with an international moppet show during the summer and a very good Italian restaurant located in the building of a former bank. This is a must.
    I am glad you will be at this new gallery and wish you much success there. I will drop some wood boxes for your Japanese bowls at farfelu on Wednesday so you can leave on time with them next weekend. Take care,
    Emmanuel PĂ©luchon


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