Sunday, November 25, 2012

260 Fingers

The 260 Fingers show in Ottawa at the beginning of November was extremely memorable. I cannot thank the organizers enough for inviting me to take part this year. The show attracts the type of people who really have the utmost appreciation for clay art and the potters/ceramists who are behind these incredible works they have been purchasing for years. The Glebe community center was a very beautiful venue as well, with ample space and a gorgeous ceiling! I was very happy to be a part of this show this year and hope very much to be invited back in the future. As the name suggests...only 26 potters are ever in attendance any given year.

If you have an appreciation for handmade pottery & sculpture, I highly recommend this show if you are in the Ottawa valley area or even Montreal. It makes a lovely day trip, and the community center has great locations for a bite to eat as well.
More photos to come in my next post...

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