Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I recently purchased a beautiful handmade tea bowl from a tea company in Japan called I had ordered it before the earthquake struck and thankfully received it in good condition after the fact. After the earthquake I wanted to send a little piece of mine as a gift, so I donated it and my friend Elisabeth Galante (painter and Japanese tea fanatic) paid the shipping. They have recently thanked us and said that they will post a video making matcha green tea in my tea bowl on their blog in the next few weeks. I will post it here when I hear from them.

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  1. Hi Don, I just realized you had a blog! How are you?
    Nice new tea bowls below (feb. post) Big fan of your work in general.
    Well just wanted to say HI! See you at 1001 pots.
    Here's my blog:
    It's ok if you,re not sure who I am...take care


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